Who is PQB?

Active Members

Toby Horn -- PQB's President, '09 Computer Engineering and Mathematics

Steve Ziemak -- PQB's Tournament Director sits on the doorstep of humanity with a sign in his hand that says "Please give me a bio."

Laura Pollanen -- PQB's Tresurer, '09 (I remember her saying Poli Sci or something)

Dwight Kidder -- Born on the Day of The Dead, Dwight Kidder went on a trip in his earlier days into the Underworld to show that he meant no disrespect to its inhabitants. There he received incredible Trivia knowledge when he beat the Devil at Lawn Darts. Later, Dwight went on to get his Batchelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell. These days he advises/generally helps out the Pitt and Carnegie Mellon Quiz Bowl teams and serves as NAQT liaison.

Alexandra Jefferds -- Alexandra screamed when she saw the code behind PQB's website and decided to do something about it. She is the webmaster, and is a BioEngineering major who hopes to one day build electric... er... wheelchairs.

Susan Glassburn -- Hailing from the grand yet foreboding land of North Olmsted, Ohio, Susan is a former PQB Treasurer and a Math education graduate student. She brings a good deal of American History and Comic Strip knowledge to the team, but we still aren't entirely sure why she puts up with us.

Greg McWhirter -- '08 Mathematics-Philosophy, Statistics Guru and sometime webmaster

Mike Davies -- Public Health Doctoral Student, PQB President 2003-4

Jason McCullough -- '08 Materials Science

Rhajiv Ratnatunga -- '08 Philosophy and Political Science

Ryan Balthaser -- '08 Computer Engineering

Neal Hamilton -- '08 East Asian History and Lit and Computer Science

Katie Harrington -- '09 Bio and Psychology

Troy Dinkel -- '06 English and Philosophy


Zach Pozun -- PQB's Fearless Leader from is a Chemistry & Physics & Astronomy major who enjoys sharing quotes from the animated picture Lil' Pimp, freeing Yuri Demetris, and thinking about the historical significance of The Big Lebowski.

Erik Roth -- '07 Electrical Engineering and Music

Will Uspal -- '07 Engineering Physics and Philosophy

Gina Londino -- '07 Psych and Bio

Joe Dragovich -- He's something they call a "Classics" major.

Steve Holz -- '06 Economics

Chris Povrik -- '07 Computer Science and Philosophy

Katrin Ayrapetov -- '07 Artsy Stuff and some History of Said Artsy Stuff

Mindy Vicario -- '06 Art something or other