About PQB

Pitt Quiz Bowl is a group of students under the Aegis (and with the generous funding) of the University of Pittsburgh Honors College. We participate in Academic competitions in places like Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Rochester, Swarthmore, and sometimes exotic locales like London, Ontario or St. Louis, MO. Pitt puts on tournaments for High School students twice a year and the occasional odd College tourney.

Pitt Quiz Bowl also holds weekly practices Thursdays in the Honors College (35th floor of the Cathedral of Learning) from 8:30 PM until they kick us out (around 10:30). We have an Email list to disseminate general information about what's happening at practice and what's up with the tournament schedule. If you'd like to get on such a list, send a message to gloriousachievement [at] gmail [dot] com.

We play on a tossup-bonus format, where there is an initial question for anyone to answer by signaling with the buzzer system, and a bonus where an entire team can confer on the answer. In tournament play teams can have up to four people, but practices are much more loose, which involves frequent tangents, mockery of the questions and subjects thereof and most people yelling out whatever they feel like.

Pitt Quiz Bowl has a remarkably well-adjusted membership, from Freshmen to Grad Students and from majors of all shapes, sizes and rigors. The big thing we have in common is the ability to find an odd sort of humor in things like the Squirrel of Strife and the Defenestration of Prague, which become all the more odd when mentioned right before a question on Grover Cleveland and after one on Organic Chemistry. Everyone is welcome to come to practices, and there is no level of prior knowledge required to be at practices or go on trips. Even if you don't think you'll very well, people learn a surprising amount just by coming to practice.